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The thermal spray process used in a hybrid system equipped with APS (Air Plasma Spray) and HVOF (High Velocity Oxigen Fuel) technologies allows to finish coat surfaces with ceramics and carbides. Two different spraying technologies can be used:
  • APS (Air Plasma Spray): used to deposit ceramic coatings
  • HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel): used to deposit tungsten carbide coatings
MAIN APPLICATION: Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, thermal and electrical insulation
MAIN PRODUCTS: Capstans and pulleys for the wire sector, rolls for metal sheets forming, cutting tools, etc.
  • Max extension flat surface: 1.600x6.000 mm
  • Max Cylinder diameter: 1.600 mm
  • Max Length: 6.000 mm
  • Max Weight: 6.000 kg
HIGHLIGHTS: Medium thickness coating (a few tenths of a millimeter). Low temperature process (the piece never exceeds 100°C).

Eurolls Commercial Designation Material Colour Hardness  Thickness  Max working temperature Coating technology  Substrate
EU_PLASMA_Al2O3 Alluminum Oxide White 1100 Hv 0,05 - 0,40mm 1650 APS Steel
EU_PLASMA_Al2O313Ti2 Alumina Titania Black-Blue 1000 Hv 0,05 - 0,40mm 550 APS Steel
EU_PLASMA_Cr2O3 Chromium Oxide Black 1300 Hv 0,10 - 0,40mm 540 APS Steel
EU_PLASMA_BRONZO Bronze Orange 300 Hv 0,10 - 4mm / APS Steel
EU_HVOF_WC-Co Tungsten Carbide Grey 1450 Hv 0,03 - 0,50mm 500 HVOF Steel
EU_HVOF_WC-Co-Cr Tungsten Carbide/Chrome Grey 1350 Hv 0,03 - 0,50mm 500 HVOF Steel
EU_HVOF_Cr3C2 Chromium Carbide Silver-Grey 1100 Hv 0,03 - 0,40mm 870 HVOF Steel

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