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Eurolls can also offer ceramic and carbide coating applications with a thermal spray process used in a hybrid system.
PROCESS: Medium thickness coatings of hard materials, melted and sprayed onto a surface.
Two different spraying guns can be used:
  • APS (Air Plasma Spray): used to deposit ceramic coatings
  • HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel): used to deposit carbide coatings
MAIN APPLICATION: Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, thermal and electrical insulation
MAIN PRODUCTS: Capstans and pulleys for the wire sector, rolls for metal sheets forming, cutting tools, etc.
  • Max extension flat surface: 1.600x6.000 mm
  • Max Cylinder diameter: 1.600 mm
  • Max Length: 6.000 mm
  • Max Weight: 6.000 kg
HIGHLIGHTS: Medium thickness coating (a few tenths of a millimeter). Low temperature process (the piece never exceeds 100°C).

Eurolls commercial designation Material Colour Hardness Thickness Max working temperature Roughness  Coating technology Substrate Property Application
EU_ALUOXIDE Aluminium Oxide white 1100 Hv 0,05-0,40mm 1650°C 6-0,6 Ra thermal spray steel good wear and oxidation and chemical resistance suitable for insulating coatings due to high dielectric stiffness, resistant to high temperatures, used for rotating seals, wire guide, electronic field applications
EU_ALUTITANIUMOXIDE Aluminium Titanium Oxide black-blue 1000 Hv 0,05-0,40mm 550°C 5-0,4 Ra thermal spray steel good wear resistance, good toughness and good oxidation resistance up to 550°C. good sliding wear textile fiber industry, in which it is required surface resistance and resistance in acid and alkaline environments, is less fragile than Al2O3 and less resistant to chemical attacks
EU_CHROMEOXIDE Chromium Oxide black 1300 Hv 0,10-0,40mm 540°C 5-0,4 Ra thermal spray steel good wear and corrosion resistance resistance to wear from abrasive grains, erosion from particles, cavitation. used ​​for corrosion-resistant anti-wear coatings used in the pump gasket areas, rolls, rings with wear (synthetic materials) - does not resist to chlorinated compounds.
EU_BRONZE Bronze orange 300 Hv 0,10-4mm 500°C 12-0,6 Ra thermal spray steel low hardness coating with good lubricant property, high toughness, coating up to 5mm thickness main application is the bronzing function in replacement of traditional application due to very god lubricant property (bearings, lardons, guides, pistons for compressors, pads)
EU_MOLYBDENUM Molybdenum black 300 Hv 0,10-0,40mm 340°C 5-0,4Ra thermal spray steel antyfriction coating with low frictional characterics pistons, fuel injectors, ingot molds, furnace components and metlting electrodes, valve and pump component, gears ,fretting or sliding wear components. resistance to molten metals whn used in non oxidizing atmospheres
EU_TUNGSTENCARBIDE Tungsten Carbide grey 1450 Hv 0,03-0,50mm 500°C 4-0,02 Ra thermal spray steel high wear resistance, low corrosion resistance very good wear resistance, to be avoided in corrosive solutions
EU_WCCRCARBIDE Tungsten Chromium Carbide grey 1350 Hv 0,03-0,50mm 500°C 4-0,02 Ra thermal spray steel good abrasion wear resistance. good resistance at oxidation at high temperature. respect to wc-co coating, possible use in water solution it is different from the WC-CO whit more fine grain sizes, characteristics comparable with good erosion resistance from particles, can be used in water solutions with appropriate basic material (inox)
EU_CHROMECARBIDE Chromium Carbide silver grey 1100 Hv 0,03-0,40mm 870 °C 4-0,1 Ra thermal spray steel good abrasion wear resistance. good resistance at oxidation at high temperature principally used for gas turbine nozzles, exhaust valves, seal rings, high temperature anti-wear applications, elastic bands, excellent resistance to chemical attack in a particularly aggressive environment, excellent corrosion resistance in the saline environment
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