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Eurolls Finite Element Simulations for Steel Forming and Lamination

22 October 2021

Eurolls engineers have developed a specific model to perform an FEM analysis, in an effort to continuously improve their roll design quality and capabilities.  Based on extensive research and a thesis on the comparison between different simulation methods applied in the welded tube sector, Fem software will soon be utilized for the wire sector, as well.

The main stages of Eurolls FEM simulations are Modeling and Post-processing.

From CAD modeling

to FEM modeling, where geometries (dies and workpiece), materials and boundary conditions will be difined.


After calculations, results have to be collected and analyzed:

Geometric Analysis: comparison between theoretical and calculated geometry, which can also be printed in 3D.

Stress-Strain Analysis: distribution and diagrams

Applied Load Analysis: historical plot of x,y,z with applied force components for each roll

Simulation results can also be printed in 3D  for visual inspection and geometrical comparison with real sample.