Hexagonal Netting Machine For Gabions

These automatic and low-noise hexagonal wire netting machines produce a double twisted wire which is firmly set and therefore suitable for use in rock-fall purposes for both hills and mountains. This same special netting is used for the production of gabions, filled with stones and used in the consolidation of both foot-hills and mountains. The same netting is also used to produce matrasses, filled with stones and laid in river beds to control water flow.  The same type of systems are also used in the consolidation of river embankments too.

The machine has a pneumatic clutch-brake assembled on its principal shaft to allow for a perfect start-up and precise and sudden stop. The length of the roll is pre-selected and once the roll has reached its length limit the machine will automatically stop to allow the roll to be removed from the winding shaft.

There are two machine models which have different lengths: 4.6mt and 5.2mt. The difference between the lengths will determine how many rolls can be manufactured simultaneously. This is important in gabion production where the shorter machine TRT5 model will be able to produce a one 2mt roll together with two 1mt rolls whereas the longer TRT5/S model will instead allow production of two 2mt rolls and one 1mt roll.

An important feature of this machine is that there is a permanent electronic netting tension sensor which once set will automatically adjust the winding speed so that the roll ends are perfectly wound-up. This will facilitate during the removal of the roll from the winding shaft and also during storing and stacking requirements.

The TRT machine requires a high number of wire spirals to be made-up and engaged through the many vertical tubes on the machine. For this purpose it is important to consider the G3/N machine with its capability of outputting 4 spirals simultaneously an absolute must. This complementary machine will be able to support the TRT machine output because of its high processing speed.
In gabion production the TG4 machine should also be considered as this machine will enable automatic winding of the hexagonal wire tips of the netting to be fixed around the straightened wire bar frame.
All the machines are fully equipped with safety devices enabling all the machinery within this programme to run faultlessly and smoothly, guaranteeing an excellent product quality.