Cold Rolling Combined

The Eurolls combined straight bar production lines unites two distinct processes which are:

  • The cold rolling/stretching section for the transformation of hot rolled entry rod into the final exit wire diameter and characteristics desired by the customer.
  • The straightening and cutting section to obtain straight bar lengths at high speed, while maintaining precise length tolerances in accordance with the successive bar application process.

These combined lines guarantee maximum production output and efficiency.

The main characteristics of this series of machines are the high speed formation of:


  • Cold rolled ribbed/smooth wire (NLGH – LGV – LGH series) or high resistance/high ductility stretched ribbed wire (NLGEH series) in a single unit positioned directly in-line with the straightening & cutting section.
  • Straightened and cut bars , from cold rolled ribbed/smooth wire or high resistance/high ductility ribbed wire, using either the roll straightening panels (LRR series) or rotating spinner straightener unit (LRB series).


The machine is supplied complete with safety guards and other protective devices in accordance to CE standards.