Wet Drawing Machine TB


Drawing Stisfaction

  • Easy string-up due to the ergonomic Study/position of all components
  • Perfect alignment of the wire path on dies


Control (Dancer Unit) and Spooler Section

  • Special software to guarantee the perfect wire winding on the spools especially at the flange wire laying inversion, to guarantee a perfect/trouble free wire pay-off phase in successive processing operations (e.g. stranding etc.)
  • Short wire path/length between pulleys from the last capstan to the reel, in order to guarantee the perfect control of the wire tension to avoid any possible vibration
  • Shortest wire path/length between the last wire guide traverse pulley and the spool to guarantee the control of the wire position on the spool


General Advantages

  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy connection to any kind of centralized emulsion system
  • International brand components (mechanical and electrical)
  • Simple and friendly operating system
  • Top speed range continuous production (connected to the steel quality and final dimensions request), thanks to the reliability of the components and the simple design