Antiwear Coating with Plasma Spray and Hvof Technologies

Just recently, Eurolls has integrated into its production plant the activities of the historic brand Corbellini, (founded in 1926).  Corbellini is known as a leading innovator in special castings, sintered alumina and for their anti-wear coating services. In 2004 thermal spray and an Hvof plant has been installed.

With the integration of this activity, within the Eurolls facilities, we are now able to offer even more turn-key products.

Eurolls can perform machining, treatment coating, final grinding and polishing, thus providing full quality control of all of its processes.


Following coating processes available:

  • Plasma Spray: ceramic materials, nickel based alloy, iron based alloy and others.
  • Hvof Coating: tungsten carbide, chromium carbide


 Examples of applications in the wire industry:


- Ceramic or tungsten carbide coated Capstans 

- Tungsten and Chromium carbide pulling rings

- Aluminium oxide and Chromium oxide coated Pulley

- Tungsten carbide coated Guide rollers