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Gender equality: a competitive factor for companies

23 October 2023
Gender equality: a competitive factor for companies_1

A manifesto on gender equality born in Mirandola (Modena). Two women and a man united by the same profession: being an entrepreneur.

Eurolls President Renato Railz took part in the discussion on gender equality in the world of work at Villa La Personala. Renato Railz was with Angelica Ferri Personali, owner of the thousand-year-old mansion and head of the company that organises the events hosted in the villa, and Carlotta Giovetti, president and managing director of #Trenton, the mechanics manufacturing company that exports from Frassinoro (Modena) to much of the world.

Renato Railz emphasised "concreteness and a capacity for vision that is often superior to that of men" of women.

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