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Realize excellent, top-performing products that help maximize our customers' production efficiency. The goal is to become the ideal partner for customized design solutions for the tube and wire industry.


We want to be the benchmark, globally, in the production of rolls and accessories for the tube and wire industry. An innovative and sustainable company, with know-how from decades of experience, offering the best solutions and growing from this to become leader in our markets.


Sustainability is respect for the environment but, first and foremost, for the people who work in the enterprise. Our actions are aimed at making each person feel an integral part of the organization, fully developing their potential and abilities through constant attention to the quality of work and human relations.
The gasoline that fuels the engine of our company.
We act transparently, observing the principles of loyalty, ethics, and professional fairness that enable us to offer reliable service consistent with our business philosophy.
Our daily commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations with regard to various elements, such as benefits, value for money, and promises made lies at the core of our way of doing business.
We constantly engage in evolution, in processes and products, to meet the challenges of the future.


Our four pillars represent the solid base on which our strategy is built, serving as a strong foundation for the success of the entire organisation.


Custom tailored design solutions

Turn your vision into reality: we are able to offer customised solutions with a perfect blend of creativity, functionality and innovation, shaped to fit your needs exclusively.


Innovation at the center

The path to innovation is through research. The synergy between our company and academic institutions, such as universities and research centers, has proven to be a crucial element in our success. The impact of these collaborations is clearly reflected in the innovation and high quality of our products, which are the result of extensive research and development processes guided by advanced scientific knowledge.


A global vision

With 6 production plants in Italy and foreign branches in Brazil, Mexico, China, USA, and with an extensive network of agents and dealers, we are able to provide a complete and efficient service to all our customers. Our reliability and dedication to the customer have allowed us over the years to supply equipment for the tube and wire industry to more than 5000 customers worldwide, also participating in important projects such as the supply of rolls for a production line producing steel tubes up to 28.5 inches in diameter.


Sustainability for us is respect for the environment and for people

We believe in an ongoing commitment to a sustainable future: in our company, every step is an opportunity to promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to a better world.