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The "Italian walk": vegetable gardens and an orchard for employees

21 February 2024

The "italian walk": this is what will be born in the courtyard of EUROLLS, at our HQ. A place where our employees will be able to stroll through the greenery and gather the first fruits of the earth, in a wellness path that will be born ad hoc.
'My passion for the vegetable garden gave me this idea,' explains Renato Railz, president and founder of Eurolls - moreover, we were born right on the street where u used to have vegetable gardens, sources of supply for families. I want to go back to that concept, in a holistic view of the whole. Harmony must reign inside and outside the factory.'.
A tangible sign towards that sustainability, which has now become an evolutionary and competitive challenge, in order to remain on a market that looks more and more to the protection of its neighbors and the environment, in a concept of general well-being and Corporate Social Responsibility that increasingly represents an important aspect in the responsible management of a company.