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Express Delivery is Now Active!

24 January 2024
Express Delivery is Now Active!_1
Express Delivery is Now Active!_2

Eurolls is pleased to announce that for all our customers the express delivery service for all standard tungsten carbide wire rolls, together with our surface coating with PDV technology that gives the roll a longer life, is now active! Thanks to a new dedicated operating facility equipped with the most advanced production technologies and automated warehouses to handle wire roll orders, Eurolls is able to guarantee all its customers the possibility of receiving their purchased products in a tight delivery time, taking advantage of a new fast, effective and efficient delivery service!
The particular coating type applied on the wire rolls is the result of a partnership started years ago with the Laboratories of Legnaro | National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The new system, implemented in a state-of-the-art machine using a combined arc and magnetron source, enables the application of the latest physical vapour deposition (PVD) technologies. PVD applied to rolls is a coating of extremely hard materials (mainly nitrides, carbides and carbonitrades), which is bonded very strongly to the bulk and imparts improved characteristics as needed. In the case of wire rolls, the improvements are mainly related to the reduction of wear rates due to increases in hardness and reductions in the coefficient of friction. Once the coating has worn off, the roll begins its service life with the base material. From the data collected, the useful life of the roll is estimated to increase by about 40%, combined with a consistency in the quality of the processed product.