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EUROLLS gets patent on its industrial process roller!

17 April 2023
EUROLLS gets patent on its industrial process roller!_1

EUROLLS is pleased to announce that its international patent application on the project "industrial process roller and related equipment and process to make it" has been approved by the International Research Authority, having passed all the requirements for patentability of its invention, namely novelty, originality, and industriality (applicative feasibility). Now kicking off is the approval process at the Patent Office of the respective countries where Eurolls will market the products covered by this patent.
This is a very important milestone achieved by EUROLLS, the result of research conducted by our group of experts, which has enabled us to improve the wear resistance of the coating on the surface of our industrial process rollers, thus extending their service life, and effectively expanding the technological knowledge and state of the art in tube and wire manufacturing and processing equipment.