Dry Drawing Machine TD

The Eurolls TD machines are traditional multipass lines with die or Eurolls Cold Rolling Cassette reduction, with tilted blocks and speed control by means of sensing rolls. The rotation of the capstans, are obtained through AC Motors, connected by means of belt transmission and gear-boxes.

The main characteristics and performances of this family of machines are contained in the tables below, but it is worth saying that the competence and experience of Eurolls engineers allows us to offer also special machines made according to the most demanding requirements of our customers.

The standard configuration of a Eurolls dry-drawing machine includes a sturdy, vibration-free, modular steel frame, tilted capstans (made of forged steel C50, tempered and induction hardened to 62 HRC,coated on the lower-band in contact with the wire by black ceramic or TC hard facing.)

Our capstans are cooled using a high-turbulence water flow and are even more efficient thanks to our very own patented solutions. It is possible to use rotating or fixed die-boxes, and are interchangeable with Eurolls cold-rolling cassettes.

Lines can be supplied with many optional elements; for example: overhead pay-off on the first block, stripper capstan or double deck capstan with accumulation (Barco type) at the last block; ecological casing with eventual dust extraction, laser gauge for control of finished wire diameter, production control through the video-keyboard, centralized control through remote computer that guarantees even to the most demanding customer, a machine to satisfy their requirements.