Cold Rolling Lines LGV - LGH


This is a rolling line for the production of smooth and/or ribbed wires for construction. The line is extremely compact, versatile and equipped with protections to safeguard the operator. The two proposed solutions consider the use of either a vertical axis bullblock or alternatively with a horizontal axis.  In both cases, the use of hydraulics has been completely eliminated, as we have manufactured these machines with electrical command technology. This choice has allowed us to simplify installation and to guarantee a better cleanliness of the line over time. At the entry of the line, (in the descaling panel), are integrated, pinch rolls to help during the feed-in operation. Included in the main frame is the rod lubricating unit, and the stands for the Eurolls Cold Rolling Cassettes. In both proposed solutions, it is foreseen that it would be possible to work in-line with reductions up to 36% and in-loop, for higher reductions. Using an unprecedented constructive solution, that optimizes the lines ergonomics, space occupied sidewise has been reduced to the minimum, even in cases where the final reductions are greater than 36%. After the bullblock, (which as an option can be composed of a single, double or even a triple capstan) there is the possibility (optional) to install a stress relieving device to improve internal fiber arrangement after the production of cold rolling deformations. Further options for these type of lines are the addition of another integrated bullblock, to produce a third reduction on the material being processed. This is especially helpful for those customers who are interested in the production of small diameters (i.e. 3.40 mm). The line can be equipped with a spooler with a horizontal or vertical axis, and can be fully automated depending to the specific requirements of the client, (with additional options for customer’s interested in the production of strapped material, or weighed and labeled coils) all without the need of operator intervention.


As an alternative, the lines can be paired with our straightening and cutting units for the production of bars or even with mesh lines for the in-line supply of cross and line wires.


General Technical Specification

Inlet wire rod: 5.5 mm - 14 mm(optional > 19.5 mm)

Outlet wire : 4 mm - 12 mm(optional 3.40 mm - 18.00 mm)

Max working speed: 12 m/s

Wire reduction by means of Eurolls Cassettes  

A.C. motors  with inverter and variable frequency control

Main motor power : 132 kW (optional > 250 kW)