Barbed Wire Machine BVM

The Vitari programme of barbed wire machinery covers both the conventional barbed wire manufacturing typologies: Domingo, Glidden, Iowa, Simplex, Waukegan produced on the BVM model and the more recent and innovative barbed wire machine model BVR for the manufacture of Iowa reverse-twist barbed wire.

The BVM  machine model is a fast processing machine catering for both galvanized and plastic coated barbed wire. The barbed wire is produced in a loop form due to the line wires being processed in clock-wise mode.

The machine is single motor driven, equipped with a four-speed gear-box in oil bath. The machine is vertical and hence enables very easy access during normal set-up and maintenance operations. The winding spool is perfectly balanced and equipped with a semi-automatic unloading system that incorporates a swivel container in which the finished spool of barbed wire is dropped into once completed. This allows for a very quick spool changeover. Most types of spools can be used on this machine including wooden spools. Each spool can weigh up to a max. 50kgs (100lbs).

The BVR machine model is a high-speed barbed wire machine that processes two line wires alternately, in clockwise and anti-clockwise mode. This allows the barbed wire to be installed easily as the alternating torsions keep the barbed wire in a straight line and not looped as with the conventional BVM model that processes clock-wise torsions throughout.

The reverse-twist barbed wire is usually produced with high-tensile wire even though the machine can adapt to processing galvanized barbed wire too.