Chain Welding Machine SH Series

The Vitari SH series of chain welding machines, allows customers to weld chains in one single stage by using a device which  positions the chain link in the precise welding location.

These machines can both weld high alloy, or high resistance steel chains, and caters to low and mild carbon, manganese etc.

The quality of the weld is of the highest standards available today due to the welding control system operating with medium frequency technology (1000 Hz). This allows a constant and high quality weld, when compared to standard frequency welding (50-60Hz). The quality of the weld is also guaranteed, because the  welding operation occurs on only one machine, therefore providing the same parameters for all welded chain links. The machine is equipped with a computer that enables monitoring all machine parameters, even while the machine is operating. Moreover, it allows loading and storing for every single type of chain parameter. The electrode unit is now fully adjustable, as it can be tilted upwards enabling full operator access when needing to intervene on the welding tools.

The hot burr directly on the chain-link is removed, after welding, by means of tools which are placed longitudinally along the chain-link, thus leaving a burr-free finish. All machines are equipped with conventional safety devices in order to safeguard the principal parts of the machine. Our standard machines can produce chain up to a 20mm wire gauge. For bigger wire gauges up to 26 mm, they can be manufactured only upon specific request from the customer.