Chain Machine C17T

These machines are used to calibrate and test the tensile strength of welded chains. The chain is subjected to tensile force by means of levers connected with a load cell, which transmits the impulse to an electronic visual instrument and a recorder that we can supply on request. One chain end is kept in position by two jaws assembled on the fixed slide, while the other end is kept by two other jaws assembled on the movable slide. Opening and closing of the jaws are done pneumatically. The jaws do not work on the same plane, but one is placed at 90° with the other. This jaw position at 90° is very important, because it avoids the calibration and testing of the same chain link twice. Tensile force and the stroke of the movable slide are adjustable. The machines are equipped with a punching device for the tested chain links. When a link breaks during tensile testing, the machine automatically stops.