Rolls for Welded Tubes

Forming rolls for the tube sector can be made of different materials such as special steels, sintered materials or from various other alloys. Roll material selection is determined by various factors, such as the material the tube is made of (cold or hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, incoloy, aluminium, titanium, copper and its alloys), welding method (High Frequency, TIG, Laser), mill speed, productivity and quality of the final products required.

In case of high quality products, such as  automotive  or furniture applications, and whenever the production of a tube with tight tolerances is required, Eurolls offers its customers solutions which foresee the use of combined materials, including solid carbide rolls in the most critical applications or where rolls are subject to wear. Eurolls will recommend the best economical solution based upon the proper relationship between price and technical advantage. The increase in lifetime, (which is exponential, compared to rolls made by steel), and the reduction in maintenance and tube mill down times, provides a great advantage to our customer base, and is sincerely appreciated, considering that our tooling provides a more than justified price/advantage ratio.





Another technological advantage, resulting from experience acquired over the last few years in the stainless steel tube sector, is the use of rolls with floating flanges.  Rolls made with Floating Flanges guarantee the production of tube with a better surface and less marking problems. According to the type of welding and dimensions available, Eurolls suggests that the flanges rotate on bearings or on grease film; both solutions compensate the difference between peripheral speed and root diameter speed, thus creating a lower possibility of stress and defects on the final product.


Eurolls’s monthly capacity is huge in terms of quantity of rolls produced.  We always have raw material available on stock and have integrated into our manufacturing process, our very own heat treatment facility. Eurolls can produce roll tooling for tube/pipe up to 24”.


Roll design and service is our strength.  Our experience and know-how on different processes determines the right design solution in different situations, either when starting from a brand new mill specification, or when intervening on old designs provided by our customers.  This is where all of our “Problem Solving Capacity” is enhanced. Using our very own design software,  Eurolls always provides their customers with the best possible solution in regards to their tooling quality and performance.


The main phases of the project and design performed by Eurolls engineer:

  • A “Preliminary Study” in order to prepare a quotation, based either on original mill specifications, reference drawings for similar size on the same mill, or based on data filled into our Eurolls Questionnaire.
  • Analysis of machine technical data.
  • Preparation of a preliminary “Forming Flower” specific to industry standards (API 5L, API 5CT,EN 10219-2 etc).
  • Input of mill technical data into a Eurolls Design Datasheet (number of passages, distance from passages, root diameters, type of welder , etc).
  • Design and flower verification, based on the result of the program and previous experience.
  • Automatic generation of 3D drawings and CNC programs for each component.

Flower verification with “Fem Tube Analysis”: all profile data is verified with Fem software which simulates the Fem analysis on components and assembly’s in order to verify the proper calculation.