EUROLLS adopts Digital Integration, Industry 4.0 and various other Automation Systems to enhance and simplify its manufacturing process to the benefit of the final end users. This continuous investment in Research and Development provides EUROLLS with increased flexibility, higher quality standards and significantly improves its manufacturing efficiencies.

During last month’s Exhibition show in Düsseldorf, Germany, EUROLLS introduced several new developments. Exhibited was its latest innovation, the prototype “SMART CASSETTE 4.0”.  This new “SMART CASSETTE”, launched in partnership with Udine University, features an enhanced heart with digital sensors that are able to monitor and analyze effective production performances. EUROLLS “SMART CASSETTE 4.0” is remotely accessible by tablet and/or smartphone and sends users a notification when it detects anomalous values in the production process (i.e. temperatures, vibrations, wire dimensions etc.). The system is fully compatible with a 4.0 data logging system to maximize the benefits in terms of production information.

Thanks to this new technology, it will also be possible to track the real working time of each cassette, providing users with the actual working life of their rolls (in tonnage), which is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. This newest modern innovation was designed to give our customers a Preventative Maintenance solution, as traditionally, the Cold Rolling Cassettes, to date, used merely a Corrective Maintenance approach.  
This development is perfectly integrated with EUROLLS Rolling Machinery, with HMI, that are enhanced to receive the data coming from the cassettes for the proper an total system management.
Last but not least, in an environment where customers are becoming more and more cost conscious, EUROLLS is able to offer this latest technological advance at an attractive price.
The prototype will be available to order beginning of September 18.